Depressed Husband, Lonely Wife

A very lonely wife reached out to me: “I have a great husband, but he doesn’t take care of me intimately. I just want him to want me!” Her husband is struggling with depression, but she feels her own needs are being seriously neglected. She doesn’t know how to deal with her frustration and emptiness.

Intimacy is a core need of both husbands and wives. But a lot more than physical intimacy – sex – is involved. There are at least Four Facets to Intimacy, and if any one of them are lacking a spouse can feel desperately lonely. The connection in your marriage won’t get better simply by wishing it to be so; you need to take some action.

But what happens when your spouse just doesn’t have the capacity – either temporarily or long-term – to create the kind of intimacy you want and need? Is there any way to get your needs met in a healthy way?

In this video I offer lonely wives some help:

  • some insight into the role depression may be playing in Janice’s marriage
  • 3 suggestions for what wives can do when their husbands are not meeting their needs for intimacy
  • what a lonely wife CAN do to get her needs met

Watch the video here.

[youtube id=”Qwwq63O1go8″]

If you’re facing a lack of intimacy in your marriage, one of these resources may be helpful:

Your Turn: Is intimacy lacking in your marriage? What facet of intimacy do you miss the most? Leave a comment below.

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  • 3 suggestions for a lonely wife whose depressed husband does not meet her needs.   Tweet that.

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