Reframing Your Good and Not-So-Good Stories about God, Love, and Relationships

Love sex or hate it, and regardless of your relationship status, you have a sexual story. You might be proud of part of your sexual story. But you may also struggle with shame and guilt about parts of your story.

Sexpectations invites you to take an honest and compassionate look at all the parts of your sexual story through the lens of the need, desire, and capacity for intimacy that God built within each human being.

And you will experience Jesus coming into your story. Nothing stays the same when Jesus shows up – including your sexual story.

Sex is a big deal — yet many Christians struggle to make sense of their sexual story in light of their faith. Porn addiction, hooking up, hating sex, same-sex attraction, fighting about sex, past sexual harm, or other hurtful sexual behaviors and experiences become part of a cycle of shame you can’t escape.

Offering a redemptive, practical path to sexual wholeness, Dr. Carol draws from real-life stories, biblical truth, and contemporary research to empower you to

  • reinterpret your sexual story with honesty and compassion
  • find freedom from shame, compulsive behaviors, past harm, and hiding
  • redefine the way you look at God, sex, love, and relationships
  • orient your sexuality as God intended and embrace what He has for your future

Regardless of your relationship status, don’t let your past keep you from experiencing what you were created for: true intimacy with God and others. Reclaim His vision of sexuality and intimacy so you and He together can write your next chapter of your sexual story with hope.



Carol Tanksley MD, DMin, is an author, speaker, podcaster, licensed Ob-Gyn physician, and ordained Doctor of Ministry. An expert on integrated wholeness for body, mind, and soul, she founded Dr. Carol Ministries to help people experience wholeness as God intended. Learn more at